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Videos can be a great way to get information quickly and easily. In most cases, our videos will not be in-depth subject reviews but rather give you an idea of what we do and how we support our clients. We also post videos from partners, who specialize in services our clients might be interested in.

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Book Chats. At Assisting Hands Home Care, we love books! Each month we discuss a book of particular interest to Seniors.

Our Latest Book Chat Video:

Searching for the Light Author Theresa Walker, discusses her 1st place prize in the F. Scott Fitzgerald 2021 short story contest for her short story Searching for the Light, a story about a daughter who experiences the death of her father.
  • An Inconvenient Truth in Very Few Words Listens to author Tim Truett narrates this thought-provoking collection of his haikus and photographs about the climate crisis.
  • Being My Mom’s MomA book chat where Loretta Veney discusses her mom, Alzheimer’s, and what the diagnosis meant for her and the family.
  • Breathing and HealingKaren Tasto, owner of Open Heart Healing, certified women’s empowerment life coach, and co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Techniques, discusses how we can incorporate self-healing techniques in our everyday lives.
  • Care and Feeding of the Aging Human Male Species – A Sassy Primer Author Irene Shere, discusses the often comical book about living with aging men.
  • Catch Me a CatchAuthor Leora Hoffman, a matchmaker by profession, discusses the book about her matchmaking stories.
  • Civilized Blacks Author Carol Binta Nadeem, portrays accurate social structures and customs that African Americans encountered during the 1800s while drawing the reader into the protagonist’s unusual circumstances.
  • Dementia By DayRachael Wonderlin, consultant, blogger, and author, talks about her blog, Dementia By Day, and her experience with dementia care and aging.
  • Dementia Home Care is a book written by Tracy Cram Perkins that leads you through the ABCs of dementia care, including self-care and the healing powers of laughter, guiding you to the very end of the journey.
  • Finding Meaning & Success in Life Find some inspiration as we join filmmaker, author, and teacher Chris Palmer to discuss what it takes to lead more meaningful and productive lives.
  • For the Love of Literature Join us as Eleanor Heginbotham—writer, educator, and scholar of legendary poet Emily Dickinson—shares some of her favorite quotes from novels, poems, and plays and talks about her great love of literature.
  • Glimpses of Happiness Editor Diane Reynolds discusses Glimpses of Happiness, a book written by her father. A collection of stories and quips to lighten your mood and laugh.
  • Haiku for Healing Meet a vibrant duo, mother and daughter Zoe and Sherry, award-winning Haiku authors.
  • Healing Journey Author Lauren Kingsland discusses quilts & mindfulness in the face of cancer.
  • Hospital Warrior Author Bonnie Friedman discusses how to get the best home care for your loved one.
  • Life Lessons in SuccessAuthor Angie Dobransky shares her knowledge of how to maximize people’s success. Her experiences in life inspired her to write a book to help her develop the skills to be successful.
  • Little Men with Big Teeth Joined our latest guest, William Campbell! Winner of the Short Story Content 2022, speaks about what inspired him to write and how his life as a neurologist and Army veteran has influenced his writing.
  • Mediators Author Morgan Russo discusses her new book about how elders use media and the benefits it provides.
  • Molli & Me and the Family Tree Authors Margie and Mark Kramer, joined us to discuss this fanciful book will inspire readers to discover and connect with their own family stories.
  • One Block West of the White House, author Duane Hills, discusses what inspired him to write the stories of families and seniors who have touched his life in a unique way.
  • Remember Me Author Linda Ruth Stai, pays a fine tribute to Vietnam War Veterans by sharing their stories a reminder of what those who serve in our military forces endure.
  • Six Women In A Cell and Surviving AssaultAuthor Diana Tokaji, certified yoga therapist, discusses the use of yoga for healing in trauma.
  • Swimming Up the Sun We join award-winning author and playwright Nicole Burton, whose works include a dark comedy about a woman whose husband develops Alzheimer’s, as she discusses her new memoir, which recounts her dramatic journey across time and an ocean to find her birth parents.
  • The Writer’s CenterAmy Freeman discusses how her work to end homelessness in her community led her to embrace her literary side and support writers and people who want to write.
  • Thriving At Home A Handbook for Preventing Hospitalizations: Dave Tasto, Assisting Hands Boston Northwest, provides information for seniors and families on caregiving. Steve Lorberbaum is a contributor to the book.
  • ‘Til the Well Runs Dry Author, LaurenFrancis-Sharma, joined us to discuss her novel ‘Til the Well Runs Dry, inspired by her Grandmother’s journey to America.
  • Value of Wrinkles Enjoys our chat with author Isabel Tom as she discusses her book, The Value of Wrinkles, which offers an inspiring look at how we can honor and respect the seniors in our lives.
  • Your Host, Ghost, and Coach Tanya Brockett, a ghostwriter, and speaker on authorship, entrepreneurship, business, and publishing topics.

Creativity Booster. Join us for a new monthly educational program via Zoom for a 15-minute dose of creativity to help improve both your physical and mental well-being.

Our Latest Creativity Booster Video:

Inspiring Community Connections Through Murals Eric Ricks invites us into his world, sharing the stories behind some of his most notable mural projects and the positive ripple effects they have had on the people and neighborhoods they call home.
  • Herbs and Healing Meet Maria Simonsson, a certified clinical herbalist, as she discusses the significant role herbs have played in traditional medical practices, and a gentle yet effective resource in the pursuit of optimal health and vitality – enjoy the video!
  • How to Write a Haiku for HealingEmbark on a captivating journey with us as we delve into the artistry of haikus, uncovering the secrets of selecting impeccable words, crafting vivid imagery, and evoking profound emotions within the confines of this cherished Japanese tradition, while simultaneously exploring the therapeutic merits that writing haikus can bestow.

Death Café: A national movement providing a place for conversation about death. Meet us on Zoom monthly. To see the next date and to register, please click here.

Services Offered By Assisting Hands: These videos provide information on various services, tips, and care provided to seniors by Assisting Hands.

What’s your Plan? Take a view of these educational topics with our expert partners in senior care. 11

Our Latest What’s Your Plan? Video:

Embracing Social Connections: Pickleball for Seniors Discover the essence of pickleball as Eric Peguero walks us through the game’s rules, strategies, and benefits specifically tailored for seniors.

Yoga: Exploring various aspects of yoga.